Trip with a fantastic weather

It was June 26 2012 and we cousins decided to go on a trip to Murree. We decided the day timing and place with mutual understanding. It was my cousin’s birthday on 26 June.

We decided that we all are going to wear black with same hairstyles. All cousins were staying over night at my house . So, we stayed all night chatting and laughing. It was a very good night. Than we slept a little and woke up early. We weared black shalwar kameez with matching hairstyles. The weather was quite good in Rawalpindi. We became more excited to saw the weather. Then we all got ready and march on the coaster. We booked a coaster. And we start our trip from like 9 o’clock.

Before we start our trip there was always something we buy and that is bubble gums toffees and the most favourite lays and coke. So, we bought all of them and our trip starts. We sat down on our places. After sitting the first thing we do was Reciting the Dua. Then the music starts and we starts enjoying ourselves eating laughing. We started dancing in the bus and it was so fun.

Then we start singing our favourite songs some old some new.

Our elders were also singing their favourite old songs. And we were like enough. Than we reached Islamabad the weather was also good in Islamabad and than starts the route to Murree. After some travelling we reached Charra Pani a place famous for its Pakoray. We take a break there and that we are pokoray there and some drink coffees and soft drinks. It was about 10:30 we reached there. After eating the snacks we start our trip again and than about an hour ago we reached Murree Mall road. Than we all cousins were walking together through the Mall road. The first thing we eat there was french fries because french fries are love. It was lightly raining in Murree and a little bit foggy.

The weather really was fascinating.

We ate chaat there and it was so spicy and yummy. So we all decided to have a ride on motion ride. We all choose the horror mode and than Oh My God it was really something haha when we got out we all were like dizzy. And the the trip goes on we start walking towards Kashmir point. We joke around and makes fun of each other. Than, after so much walking we reached Kashmir point. The view there was so beautiful and mesmerising I can’t even tell seriously. It was on the top and fog was all around us. I mean just wow. There was a dragon ride in Kashmir point we all decided to take a ride on it.

My cousin had never taken a ride of dragon and he was scared.

So we forcefully dragged him with us and he was like please I don’t want to sit in the last one lets sit in middle. Hahaha I still remember his scared face. And than we took the ride and I really like taking the dragon ride. After the ride we walk back to the Mall road. Walking back we make fun of the cousin who was scared of the ride. We took many pictures I still have them with me. We reached Mall road. Than all the family members sat down and we all eat lunch together Briyani, Chicken Karahi, channa dal and chapati. After having lunch we walk on the Mall road buying things. I bought earrings and a necklace and I still have it. Than we head for the valley park which is the way back from the Mall road. After reaching valley park. Than we decided to takes rides but which one first.

So we decided to ride the Bumper car.

Riding it is so much fun we all go together at the same time. After taking tickets we went for Bumper car and enjoy the ride with each other. After that we go for a ride on Dragon. We all sat down on dragon and we shouted with excitement. Than we go for a ride in simbha. It was a new ride there. There were chairs hanging with the chains we have to sit on the chairs and chairs goes up on the sky. And this ride was so thrilling and enjoyable. And than we again go for a ride for a dragon. Than we go for Ferris wheel. Whenever any of us go at the top of the Ferris wheel we shouted each other names. The view from the top of the Ferris wheel was so beautiful and terrifying. After taking the ride it was past 6 so we sat on the park and ate ice creams fries. And played cricket there.

It was so much fun.

We all one by one took the ride on the horse. Horse riding is so much fun. And than we all sat down on the bus we all were so tired but it was worth it because we had so much fun. And we start the light music because we all were sleepy on the way back to home all were very quiet some were sleepy. We reached home about 9:30 and than we got off the bus with all our things and with our tired faces. we entered home taking one and another shoulder support.

And than we sat down and think about the best thing that happened the whole day but the whole day was so good we could not find any moment that is best from another moment. It was really a good day I still remember every detail after so many years because that was the best trip I could ever have. We don’t often go for a trip nowadays because all of us are now busy in our lives dealing our own problems. Hope we can get a chance to go for a trip like this again someday.

Author: Ameer

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