My Daily Routine

My daily routine is structured around how many much energy creativity n flexibility i have over tha course of the day i make breakfast usualy eggs i tried to start the day with protiens now i write somethng anythng now i go for a walk i do some exercise i put my clothes on and prepare my uni bag at 8 o’clock i go to uni n start my 1st lecture then i go to the 2nd clas after that i often take my lunch break n talk with my friend at around 12 noon i go back home n take a rest i usualy watch some tv n chat with my family then i do my uni work and help my mother i reat them till 8 am during 3 hourx i praticly finish all the reading of my less0n after i having diner i take evening walk at about 10 pm i go to bed.

One sunday n other holidays i sometime go to cinema for intertainment at other times i go to visit my frnds in holidays there is a break in the daily routine but i never break the rules of early bed to early rice regularity in work has taught me the value of time.

Author: Ameer

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