A journey by bus is an interesting

A journey by bus is an intresting study of men n maner. It is a thrilling experience. Once i get a chance to travel by bus from murre. Each passenger was an interesting study the passenger were going to hill for holiday they were in high spirits they cracked. Many jokes we had a healthy laugh the passenger were in a mod to enjoy life. To the less some were eating some of them were busy in fondly chat some of them impressed me while other annoyed me with there odd habits the road was zig zag there were many sharp bends on the way outside scene was quite n beautiful .

Tall pins tees seemed to travel

The tall pins tees seemed to travel with us the deep valleys below looked charming inside the atmosphere became lively of all of a sudden an old man in tight fitting trouser n a gaudy shirt was the center of attraction for all eyes soon he started entertaining the passengers with his jokes the journey become interesting and enjoyable our driver was careful in driving we enjoyed the wayside scenes ful of natural beauty it was a real treat to life through these scenes At last our bus reached murmurer I continue to cherish the mem0ry of this intresting journey this was my first visit to shimla which i can never forget n0r i can never f0rget the sweet journey by the bus that we had..

Goal of my life.

Life without a n0ble aim is like a rudderles ship but to chose a goal is quite an uphil task. Different poeple have difrent ambitions acording to their tasts n likings because n0thng is g0od or bad thinking makes it so Every seeing eyes thnking mind n feeling heart has 0ne ambiti0n or the other my greatest aim in my life is to serve my country i knw that ths is n0t as easy j0b i als0 kn0w that there are many wasy of serving one country i knw the best service to my country i may chose to be a techr an enginer or a doctor i may become a businessman or a p0litician but whatever i become i shal n0t be useful to my country if i do n0t realize my rights n duties.

Clash of clans

whenever there is a clash between my personal an social interest i shal not pres my claims if i can live up to ths idea i would have a healthy infuence 0n evrybody. I can bring n0 ref0rm in otherx if i do n0t ref0rm my self i can other to f0llow ths very way of life this. I shal try to do ey setting a pers0nl example all those who c0me in c0ntct with me will be inspired by my way of my life ths is the best way in which we can serve our country.

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