What Do You Expect From a Supervisor?

In the first day my supervisor Mian Usman Ahmad gives the brief introduction of the NGO (Sunrise green Pak welfare organization).He tells me about this NGO, this NGO is registered under the Social Welfare Department and founded in 2008. After introduction he gives me the task related to volunteer work. He also brief introduced the working of the past volunteers in this NGO. After introduction of the NGO, he explain the achievement and the working area which they clean and planting in all over the city.

My co-supervisor gives task, to write a letter to invite a guest that aware the people on the plants importance. This letter is related to aware the people about clean environment. After this my co-supervisor asked me to make a proposal to get sponsorship for flower competition. In this letter I told about the importance of flowers and request for the sponsorship. After this proposal, he also advised me to written the letters to particular schools for volunteers, which planting the trees in relevant area.

Supervisor gives me task and also advised me to write an article on flowers in which I mention that how flowers become a source of income. In this article I explain the flower business, how we can use flowers as a source of income. I explained the flowers are used in different functions like marriages, in parks and different hotels for decoration. We used flowers as jewelry.

More Over

Co-supervisor gives me a task and guide to make a list of all volunteers from this organization. I make this list on excel. In which I mention student names, father name, CNIC number, mobile number and card numbers. Today I make maximum 80 students list.
In the 5th day I make the list of volunteers students from different universities. Because there are many students so I have done this this work in 3 days. In which I mention student names, father name, CNIC number, mobile number and card numbers. Today I make maximum 150 students list.

Volunteers Students

Again make the list of volunteers students. I have completed this list on 6th day. In which I mention student names, father name, CNIC number, mobile number and card numbers. Today I make maximum 80 students list. Today I make the final list of volunteers from this NGO. In this list I make the total information of a volunteer student from different universities.
Supervisor give me a task, to written a report on this organization profile. In this I mention the mission of this organization and also explain the objective of the NGO.

I explain the total information about sunrise green Pak welfare organization. Like different awards of this NGO, mission of this NGO in which I explained this NGO play important role in the environment clean and neat and also play important in plantation in flowers competitions.

Supervisor advised me to promote the NGO and also discussed about the importance of plants and tells me the how flowers used as a source of business. Then give me a task to write an article in which mention how flowers used as a source of income.

Co- supervisor

Co- supervisor give me task, to write a letter to DCO for the improvement of sewerage system in any village. In which I mention the problems of Juliana village near Bahria town Lahore. This letter is related about sewerage and waste which affect the environment. this situation is difficult for people to cross through such streets. Please visit this area. This area needs proper sewerage system.
Co-supervisor give me a task write the current problems in Pakistan and Lahore city.

And other major problems are Poverty, ILLITERACY, Energy Crisis, Corruption, Political Instability and food crisis. I explain the entire problem and also mention how we can reduce the food crisis and how we can protects the women rights.
In the last day I prepared my report of daily works and submitted it to supervisor. I completed my 66 hours of VIS. I submitted the VIS report to my supervisor and take signature on the documents.

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